Enjoy a winning cleanskin

In the first of a series on wine and general good living, our resident wise head (and Crikey subeditor) Michael Vaughan finds a cleanskin he likes. And at 15 bucks a bottle it's great value.

Make friends with a modern rom-com

The dialogue could be bouncier, the plot a little sharper, but if you buy into the central relationship, Friends With Benefits plays unexpectedly well.

Get snap-happy in Ballarat

There are literally hundreds of reasons to book a ticket to the Victorian rural hamlet of Ballarat this month to visit the 2011 Ballarat International Foto Biennale, says Nicola Heath.

Daily Proposition: Brisbane SLiDEs back on the silver screen

The novelty of seeing Brisbane on the telly was enough to pique my interest in the new Foxtel youth series SLiDE.

See a dog of an Aussie drama

Red Dog taps into the spirit of old school Australiana with infinitely more grasp of the national ethos than anything slapped together by Baz Luhrmann.

Daily Proposition: see Bruce Beresford’s living opera

Having big-time veteran Australian film director Bruce Beresford at the directorial helm piqued my interest in the opera Of Mice And Men, writes Lloyd Bradford Syke.

Take a bath under the stars

Warm spring pools are filled with thermal mineral waters and, if you believe the blurb, are chock full of health-giving stuff that you normally see in jars in a chemist's shop. I'm a believer.

A tale of Boks and the World Cup

With the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, well-known journalist Dan Retief has produced a seminal work on the comp and the part the Springboks have played in it from their entry in 1995. Simon Burrow recommends.

Daily Proposition: take a meandering cinematic Trip

British funnymen Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon coast between hotels, restaurants and quaint countryside locations in director Michael Winterbottom’s Sideways-esque love letter to good food, wine and conversation.

The meat-eaters guide to tofu

Meat eaters fear tofu. But the almost tasteless prism of healthiness, high in protein and low in salt and cholesterol, can be spiced up with some saucy additions to help satisfy unhealthy urges, says Andrew Duffy.

Adopt a kitty

Every year hundreds of unwanted street cats are euthanised because good homes cannot be found for them. But one organisation is attempting to change this one adorable kitty at a time. Michael McGowan adopts a cause.

Visit the Egyptian boy king’s crib

For a 19-year-old who died of unknown causes thousands of years ago, Tutankhamun sure is good at working a crowd. More than 7 million visitors saw the exhibition that bears his name on its US and European tour.