Be kind wherever possible … Jun02

Be kind wherever possible …

What I Learnt On 2nd June in other years2nd June 2011 I don’t care too much for money – the digital...

Dustyesky – songs of struggle from the tundra of Mullumgrad May29

Dustyesky – songs of struggle from the tundra of Mullumgrad

Need an excuse to join your Mullum comrades at the top pub? Why not start an all male acapella group singing classic Russian folk songs, thought Glenn Wright? Master choir master Andrew Swain agreed. He had a great admiration for traditional songs of struggle sung by the proletariat, and enjoyed knocking back a Vodka. And there were plenty of wild and hairy men in ‘Mullumgrad’ with cloth caps, looking to spend some quality time away from being good new-aged family men. Soon they were joined by 26 others. Dustyesky went from strength to strength, singing at music festivals across the country. Their popularity is enhanced by the...

A font for these uncertain times May26

A font for these uncertain times

Right now, every one is telling us that they are here for us during these uncertain times. The agency Third Street thought that if brands are going to use the words, they ought to have a matching font. ‘Times Uncertain’ is a lot like ‘Times New Roman’, but a bit shaker, a tad more random, and the only punctuation available is ? or ! You can download ‘Times Uncertain’ for free from from Third Street What I Learnt On 26th May in other years26th May 2011 CoolTool: The Fisher Space Pen vs the...


Yak Shaving



World Bee Day –  what the Waggle Dance teaches us about innovation May20

World Bee Day – what the Waggle Dance teaches us about innovation

May 20th is International World Bee Day. We could not survive without bees. 90% of the world’s wild flowering plant species depend on them for pollination, as does more than 75% of the world’s food crops. Bees provide a number of archetypal examples of important models. The bee and the flower have a mutualistic relationship. The bees get to eat, and the flowering plants get to reproduce. Richard Dawkins says the hive shows the ‘Selfish Gene‘ at work. All the bees in a hive are brothers and sisters. Their behaviour is determined by the genes they carry. When a bee stings and sacrifices itself, they are protecting their own...


Have a Squiz at These


There are decades where nothing happens …


Pandemic – Just for fun


La tour de lockdown

Fancy Friday – Pardon my French May15

Fancy Friday – Pardon my French

Fancy Friday is part of our family lockdown ritual. Jean Francois at Dip Café has been determined to be the #lastmanstanding in Byron, and has been serving take away meals throughout the lockdown. As we come out the other side (possibly? hopefully?) we were able to sit at Dip to sip our...


Rube Goldberg in Lockdown